Deposit Theft
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I am always blowing my trumpet loud and clear about holding our industry accountable so that it can rise above the stigma and be taken seriously – and I always walk the walk as a professional escort of the highest order. There is one controversial aspect of booking a sex worker that has got to be called out: lack of integrity around deposits.

I get that deposits can be a good thing for both client and worker. There was a time when I did not charge deposits, but this left me unprotected from the time wasters, or men who would get off on making bookings as a fantasy, with no intention of showing up. I don’t want to sit around waiting. And let’s not forget the opportunity cost of losing out on blowing and bonking another client while I’m tapping my toes for a no-show. Everyone’s time is precious. With a deposit paid, you can be more sure that a client will turn up, and it helps me keep track of my booking schedule. Deposits also help some nervous first-time clients commit, and see that your enterprise is professional.

All well and good, but what really sucks is the rise of a rip off: some escorts are refusing legitimate refunds on deposits as a way to keep the cash flow coming in, or fund the tours. Ladies, this is theft, pure and simple.

I have been getting feedback from clients about some trashy, dodgy behaviour. E.g. The customer is 5 minutes late, so the escort rushes to cancel the booking, announcing that she is keeping the deposit. Or, if the customer has to cancel within the agreed refund period, the escort pressures him to roll it over to a future booking, then she ‘forgets’ future contact, or doesn’t tour for a long time in that location again, or even cancels the tour completely. Good luck getting your cash back, mate.

This pisses me off. Just run a classy outfit and refund once the conditions are meant! There are so many great men out there who would book us, but the moles who are denigrating our trade, and the fabulousness of being a gorgeous elite sex worker, are blowing it. I have had plenty of men get nervous about deposits and share their horror stories. To reassure them, I provide a company receipt. I am always down for best business practices and mutual respect – and I always return deposits that meet the required condition. I don’t want to manage your money; I have my own! I have seen the venom of text exchanges in which the escort heaps scorn and abuse on a man who is politely asking for a legitimate refund, within the agreed conditions. Girl, I will NOT double with you if this is how you roll, and let you drag my stellar brand down.

It is also ‘poverty thinking’. Burning one client over a $200 deposit may cost you 10k in lost potential future bookings. And they alert other clients on the forums, who get to hear how dodgy you are, which could blow out to another two dozen clients. And you wonder why your phone isn’t busy or your tour is slow? It’s called digital footprint, bitch. But if you have the confidence, class, and business sense to give the refund, no questions asked…now that’s a girl I can get down with, and go down on.