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Now that I have reached a level of expertise in my career and journey as an escort I have clearly acquired some golden nuggets in my treasure trove of knowledge.

A while back, a spate of close girlfriends seemed to all be falling in love and getting married at the same time. Many of them approached me, as a kind of official, professional sex witch, to ask if I would coach them in the dark arts of the bedroom as my wedding gift to them. They wanted to stage an amazing sex scene for their post nuptial honeymoon sex, to seal the deal and enslave their partner forever.

Hell yes, I can do that, I replied. I gave one particular lady friend ‘Monica’ the most amazing point by point, ritualistic flow of instructions – from how to set the room (or better yet stage) to where to drape herself and what she should expect her lover to do. I myself have played out this scenario so many times for a living; I know how men move when they enter the room so intimately that I could have given her a map. I coached Monica on what would happen and where she needed to place herself in her ‘scenario’.

Monica gratefully wrote back that she had absolutely slayed it, thanks to moi. “Your instructions were so easy to follow. It was your moves, but it was me bringing them to life, which felt awesome and empowering.” Having a professional literally ‘map out’ a sexul encounter can be a safety net for women, also helping them elevate the scene to a piece of erotic theatre. It turns out that I am highly skilled at being the puppeteer, which feels almost as gratifying as if I was choking down on that cock myself.

Now that I am ready to start vlog, vlog, vlogging away, I plan on making ‘How to stage a sex scene’ my inaugural episode. Using your body as a stage, orchestrating the very first touch…
I even want to get into how you open the door to your man. Work. It. Girl. It’s important to remember that when a new lover is entering an anonymous new space he doesn’t know where to be or how to place himself. The more nervous they are the hornier I get. It is possible to put him at ease, give him a soft landing into the space and switch into sex mode before he has even made it two meters. Lock and load.

Taking an encounter from good to great all comes down to stagecraft, and it all has to flow.
I never wear heels with ankle straps and make sure that my suspender belt fits under my panties, so that said panties can be easily pinged off with no awkward costume change moment. It starts with that basic bitch wardrobe finesse, then moves into art direction. I always position my chairs in front of my lounge so that I can drape and recline, allowing my robe to fall open and my head to land at his crotch in a single move. It can only get hotter from there.

You know in those movies when the cool gangster dude has the gun strapped under the dinner table – gunslinger supreme, ready for action? I have the same policy with lubricant and condoms. In one smooth move the cock is out and covered in silicone from top to tail, slick with lube. As I move the hand up between my tits, conveniently covered with extra silicon left over from the cock, the area between my tatas becomes glossy and ready. By the time his cock is sliding between my double Ds they are primed to receive it.

There are plenty of things that I do that are unique to sex workers, and even just to me. Sexually powerful tools that are transferable to the wider audience. Short stories and micro topics that should be explored visually. I will soon start to tease out all the knowledge that I want to impart to the world as self-contained webisodes. My brain is on fire with all this stuff; now it is time to give it a voice and hand it over. I get major lady wood at the idea of millions of women opening their mind and playing the sex game to win by emulating the content they see on my site.

I am bursting to share all the down and dirty (tromboning anyone?). Civilians will finally be able to tap into Christine’s Secret Business, all the good stuff that even other escorts have been begging me to spill for years. Stay tuned bitches, my vlog episodes are on the way.