I’ve Had it with Haters
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Not many people know this, but throughout my high profile career in sex work I have attracted the ire, obsessive behaviour, cyber stalking and full blown cray cray of a small percentage of people – not just clients, but other women!

Throughout my career in the adult industry, the more high profile and empowered around money I became, raising my rates and redefining high end sex work to suit myself, the more a coterie of other female escorts seemed to resent it. Sometimes it was just the usual Mean Girls envy, but some women became so triggered by seeing me splashed all over the tabloids and owning my title as Australia’s ultimate call girl that they regarded my fame and fortune as a personal insult.

It drove them to psychotic and violent behaviour – they obsessed over me and wished for nothing less than my destruction. About three years ago I had attracted my very own bunch of stalkers. It has taken the perspective of time for me to realise how much this has affected me and shattered my trust in people. So far, so PTSD.

I know this is a wet dream and the biggest jizzie fantasy for some men: multiple, sexually available hot women competitively stalking Christine McQueen. It’s a Russ Meyers movie! But this is nasty – and not in a good way.

One incident still makes me tremble: a fellow sex work had a legit breakdown and nearly shredded my face with a champagne flute. Literally NOTHING had happened beforehand between us. It occurred at an industry party; word got out on the sex work forums and everyone knew I was coming (rookie mistake). As a backdrop, this girl had compulsively lied to and gaslit all the girls present, tricking them into believing that it was I that was trying to harm her. Pure Sociopath 101.

At the party, I was milling with the cocktail crowd of girls, managers and clients in this small bar when I saw a tall, skinny, intense and beautiful girl come racing across the packed room. Her speed of motion was already weird, but she was also brandishing a champagne flute like a knife. Her super skinny, size 6 self must have been even more hectic due to lack of food. In a moment of horror, I realised that she was going to ram this glass in my face, her eyes blazing murder: she wanted to make me suffer.

Time stood still and everything happened in a surreal kind of slow mo. She popped up like a jack-in-the-box and, for a moment, our eyes connected. Somehow my brain had the time to register that her hair looked incredible. I heard shouts of “Christine, mooooove!!” Luckily an associate of mine, Greg brought the muscle and slapped her wrist until she pivoted down. He knows how to deal with psychos because he has been in the pen: BLOCK THAT SHIT.

Another girl, an ugly little cretin, copied everything about me, from rates and reviews to incall location and business structure – basically my entire professional life. She even emailed me pretending to be a client to find out all about my incall protocol. She was basically offering my services. Even more terrifying, her catchphrase is “roarrrrr”/

Slagging me off and general negativity about me in the chat rooms also became a cheap, easy power thing for women in the community, even though they directly benefited from my efforts to raise high end escort rates.

Maybe there is something in ‘Saturn returns’ (or some shit like that), but in the last three months they are all coming out of the woodwork, cool as a cucumber like nothing ever happened. Zero accountability, let alone amends or apology. Champagne Glass Woman wrote to me, like, “Heeeey, how are you?” “Don’t even! Fuck off” I retorted. “You nearly maimed me.” After all the work I have done on myself, this time I am able to defend myself better and my emotional boundaries. Also, there are more people in my circle who would believe me now and be able to support me.

I have been around a really long time and in some ways am still shivering and impacted by the trauma of almost getting slashed, and being a victim of obsession and identity theft. But I don’t want to be scared of being bullied. I don’t have to be at the mercy of these horrible women.

I have noticed that some of the younger escorts who are coming up to a solid decade in the business are exhibiting signs of Post Traumatic Stress. It’s that super toxic, crippling system of hurting people on the way up and kicking them on the way down, like some warped version of how a career journey is supposed to develop. On a spiritual level, it’s devastating to young women to suffer abuse, sniping and even violence instead of tribal support.

I promise I will not mentor anybody: it’s a shit task. But I am cultivating a small yet powerful and effective group of friends and fellow workers who are helping each other in regards to policy making. I am not simply a sex worker anymore, but an advocate for better laws.

Toxicity, being threatened by other women, and the great harms that have been done to me have festered, making me distrustful. Some of the women who have most wanted to sabotage me have shown up in the guise of ‘sisterhood’. Sociopaths never show their cards – in fact they are more likely to say, “Hey babe, we should work together.” That’s a Top Ten move from the sociopath playbook.

As an elder and leader of this community, I am going to call it: this shit has to end. Civil rights for sex workers is not pie – there is enough to go around for everyone.

All I have ever wanted from those who have benefited by my example was gratitude, acknowledgement, or a heartfelt thank you. A hashtag, a shout out, an admission that the pioneering work I try and do has inspo value for them would be most welcome.

Good conduct is all I have hoped for, yet these women have shamelessly indulged in reactive toxic behaviour and are still self-righteously okay about it.

We are going to move forward and make something better for the next generation. Watch this space.