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Kitten is the first port of call for clients who make a booking, and has just celebrated her first anniversary at CMQ keeping the punters – and the lady – happy. If anyone knows how to blow out the candles, it’s Kitten.

“Hello boys. I made it to Year One! I think I have this thing licked.”

Christine is very high profile, and such an enigma that men can feel intimidated, even nervous about getting in touch. When they do, I like to make sure that they feel comfortable and open with talking to me about the services that they want; over time we create a nice familiarity, like friends just chit chatting.

Apart from calming the nerves of the new ones, and building a relationship with our existing clientele, I am there to ensure that there is a definite seperation between the erotic side of the booking and the business side of the booking. Everything rolls so much better this way. Christine doesn’t have to look after the money side of things, the deposit etc. She can just focus on the fun part: being Christine. She still seems like an icon to men – untouchable and unreachable, ungettable. Because I handle payment, they don’t get to talk to her until the actual event, so the build up is even more exciting.

It took time for me to build up a rapport with her regulars, and now they happily message me and keep in touch. They have been checking in after her recent surgery to ask about her recovery, or enquire about sending gifts. Christine’s service range is completely open – unlike any other escort. It’s almost like no holds barred, which has a strong appeal. There are two main types of CMQ client. The younger ones, who are looking for the cougar type experience, and the CEO type guys who are very unassuming and polite. Both are lovely to deal with.

Of course, every escort on earth knows about the time wasters, who just want to engage and engage without ever pulling the lever on an actual booking. A good PA protects their escort from that. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes honey! You soon learn in this business, if someone has no interest in making a deposit, then they’re not going to be any better at making a booking. Unless you are a regular, our firm rule is that you have to make a deposit, so I can tell a tyre kicker straight away. If you go on and on about the services, I’ll shoot through the menu link. I’m not going to get you off on the phone. Gotta go. Next!

Then there are the other clients who are so thrilled to make a booking that it’s adorbs. One guy’s session was over a year in the making. He saved up for ever and flew to meet Christine in Sydney. He had gone shopping and bought gifts over the years while saving up for the actual event. I remember another who gifted himself with Christine for his 40th. He had always wanted to have this experience, so he booked the VIPPSE, which is the best service you can book – you get it all.

Some clients are so keen that they arrive early and I see them pacing out the front. The shy ones keep asking, what does she like? She’s pretty simple really, I tell them. She’s not too fancy, she just really likes cock. You’ve got one, I reassure them, so you’ll be fine!

She’s the instigator of the booking and runs it the best way, and by the end the client sees how kind and caring Christine relaly is under the glam. They walk away thinking what a beautiful person she is, as well as being hot as fuck. It always works out.

Christine and I unwind over a couple of wines, a cheeky session. We both find each other attractive, that’s no secret. We have a good working business relationship and are really good mates. There is sex in common, and we both love to go out for a really fancy dinner, get dressed up to the nines and drink vintage champagne – as well as simple, bestie stuff like taking the dogs for a walk. Yeah I know, you love it. Guys crack on all the time, “Can I book you for a double with Christine?” Soz-not-soz boys, my job is behind the desk and I am very professional. What Christine and I get up to in our own time, well, I’ll leave that to your filthy imaginations.

I’m originally a beach babe from Bondi, but am now a city girl through and through. My favourite day in my hood? A long, boozy lunch over great seafood and fat, bold red wines, with a really fun, cool group of people – that turns into an all night party.


Bust out the saucers of milk, then lace them with scotch, because our very own purringly precious PA, Kitten has put in her first year of stellar service at CMQ. And in the adult industry, where people come and go faster than a drunken sailor at a Tijuana brothel, that is some achievement. I am so grateful to have Kitten as the gatekeeper to my life, calendar and business, because I know that I am in very, very good hands.

She is the lynchpin that helps clients trust in my service, and ensures that the world gets the message I want to put out there. Kitten has just the right amount of silky feline playfulness and claws – when needs be – to be the perfect introduction to the CMQ brand experience. Hers is the first voice you hear, so she is the extension of my work ethic, values, fierceness and fabulousness.

My clients love dealing with her, I love being handled by her (#yassqueen), and between the two of us, we have the best tits in the Southern Hemisphere. We’re the best at what we do on our own (she picked up last year’s industry award as the best in the business) and unstoppable as a team. I adore and respect Kitten, and know that my life just does not fly without this buxom babe in it.

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