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I do get approached by a lot by other female escorts who apply to do double bookings with me. Even though I am fiercely independent and love my setup – sex done my way with a honed clientele who love how CMQ operates and come like no tomorrow – I do provide a high level of fantasy service on a CMQ booking. So of course I am open to the idea of double the love and bringing in an extra partner to play with us.

If I add a playmate to the mix, it is usually for a shorter time, then my client and I can come down from the experience together, debrief the fuck out of it and resume our time together in our own little bliss bubble.

But there are plenty of things to consider. First and foremost, I must adhere to the maxim that applies to all aspects of my professional and personal life. No losers. No fucktards. It’s my thing now. Keeping life dickhead-free may sound simple enough, but only those who truly get
this principle realise how much grief you will save yourself throughout your lifetime if you uphold this golden standard. BE YOUR OWN BOUNCER and maintain clear boundaries about who you let into your life, and most of life’s toxic dramas will simply erupt elsewhere.

Of course, I learned this the hard way. Which is why I know all the pitfalls of working as a team or managing other escorts – which I no longer do.

Because, sanity.

If you are a client who would love not just one but two sets of hands, fingers, tongues and pussies working in glorious unison to drive you to ecstasy, or are an escort putting herself forward for my consideration, then please note, I will be bringing my A-game – and expect the same in return. I am open to offers and, for the right person, am happy to bring my expertise, experience, clientele and elite industry status to the table (not to mention my brand, spanking, wanking new rack and award winning support team). But here are my ground rules:

I’m not a psychic
Please ladies, when you reach out and say hello, attach a photo. I know what my gents and I are looking for, and visuals are the basic cornerstone of desire that determines if we will proceed. The eye candy principle is so basic and fundamental to the adult industry that everyone really needs to clock this up front. Don’t make me chase – because I probably won’t.

I’m not a stylist.
Do I love a makeover montage in a movie? Hell yes. I’ll admit that if a female candidate has no style but walks in the door with an amazing rig, an even better attitude (see below) and is willing to learn, then it’s tempting to mold that raw clay into an A-list escort, because I know how to do it.
But it is long and hard. It’s work. And it’s so rare that the time investment actually leads to a grateful, happy, high earning escort that I can maintain a flourishing relationship with.

Plus, my calendar is already bursting with bookings, events and projects that extend months in advance; friends, family, chihuahuas and carbs are also an ever present distraction that blow out those rare precious slivers I call free time. Frankly, I’d rather stick to restoration projects in real estate. I even drill now. So girl, go and see your glam squad before you come and see me. When a client walks through the CMQ portal, he knows that he has come to mainline feminine glory: buttery skin that is sensual to touch; shiny, glossy, cascading hair (have you ever seen a pixie cut at a Victoria Secret’s Show? Nope, me neither); impeccable grooming from muff to fingertips. I said harem, not scare ’em.

We are professionals, so come ready to fuck.
I have seen some seriously lazy bitches in my time come into the booking and under-serve my lovely client. He wants to see us get it on, and is spending his hard earned coin to get off. Even if he is burning through a trust fund, I don’t care frankly. Deliver. Some girls expect me to do all the heavy lifting and think that they can just pilot fish on my booking. They will admire the furniture, small talk, skull the booze, babble, babble, babble. Seemingly anything and everything but mash their face in my pussy, suck cock or let me showcase my tongue skills (they’re excellent). A CMQ booking is no place to bluff your arse off. You want to come into my world? Give. Great. Service. Cock worship is the name of the game. Get over it.

Don’t hog the cock
Some girls do put in the effort, but act as if they are on a solo booking, forgetting that this is a dance between two goddesses who lavish attention on the man of the moment with seamless back and forth generosity and grace. There has to be flow. This isn’t about one girl servicing the client, leaving the other no room to do anything but file her nails and update her instagram. I need a doubles partner who is touching me, touching him, and doing it with ease and elegance. And girl, please be polite and never bogart all the cum. That’s just bad manners.

Sort out your cray cray before you make that call.
This one is crucial. I get that bitches be crazy and we ladies have to allow each other a little leeway. But the shit that I have seen? Everything from full blown drug addiction to obsessively crushing on the first male escort that comes your way (yeah, that ended well). Some girls can fake it and give a damn good impression of a normal human at first, but everyone’s true nature comes out in the end (I usually give it 90 days).Then all of a sudden my world is littered with canceled bookings, sobbing, hysterical phone calls, disappearing acts and trolling. Yeah, no. I save my drama for my stiletto collection.

Be humble; be coachable.
There is always a crop of new girls coming up, and it is an age old ritual that seasoned divas naturally assume the role of mentor. I get it. So if a cool girl comes along with some heart, humour, soul, mental stability and burning ambition – and genuinely wants to learn and earn her way to that pot of gold that is out there waiting for her – I would seriously consider it. But lady, you are an apprentice. Which means you listen, learn, and leave any sense of entitlement or
arrogance at the door. If I guide you in another direction, don’t be bratty, be grateful. I would have killed to have a ‘me’ when I was starting out.

Learn from my mistakes and tap into my wider perspective. I already know all the shit that is going to happen to you, so drink in the wisdom. I am fiercely loyal and protective of friends and colleagues – once you have gained my trust – so do what it takes to earn it. Then we’ll get on just fine. Think of me as the biggest, baddest bull dyke in prison. I know everything. I know everyone. You need me more than I need you, just as it should be. Then one day, you’ll be in my role as Obi Wan Kenobi Of Pussy, and dealing with your own pain in the ass newbies.

If all this makes sense and you can handle it, get your act – and wardrobe – together and get in touch. But remember the golden rule, I don’t do head wreck.

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