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This just in gentlemen: I have changed my rates

This is actually not a rise but a correction. My pricing was created when I was a newly minted private upscale escort. As you undoubtedly know, my rate operated (please note past tense) on a sliding scale that reduced with each coming hour.

So basically, as time rolled on, there would be portions when I was on the clock but essentially not earning anything, just because it was not in the first hour.

I think we all get that this no longer makes sense – it’s not even sane. But for clarity’s sake I’ll break it down, just this once.

Sliding scales are a business incentive, which is fine for any going concern that has something to prove. But I, Christine McQueen am a golden standard for a high profile escort service, in all its glory.

My clientele stays on because I am blowing their mind and their cock into the stratosphere. I will be pleasuring you with just as much skill and enthusiasm in Hour Two or Hour Three, so why would I earn less? There is no logical reason.

The pricing had nothing to do with me not performing the same way past the first hour. I am totally aware of my status and the quality of what I provide. My erotic skills (not to mention my bountiful and juicy new rack) are incentive enough for a client to come (and come again).

My regulars don’t want to see me struggle. I treasure my return clientele – our relationship is based on mutual respect and a love of fucking. When I am happy, well rewarded and drama free, they are happier too.

The booking goes better; the good vibes (and pussy juice) flow when Christine’s bills are paid and her life works.

People start to take the piss when my various services are priced differently: they will book one service, but it will always end up evolving into another.

I am an intuitive escort and probably know what you want before you have even figured it out. The biggest difference is between GFE and PSE bookings. A lot of people are not requesting the PSE when they are clearly a PSE man with PSE tastes.

When our time together is meant to get down, dirty and whip-out-the-camera worthy I roll with it and give a very involved PSE service.

GFE sessions (at a lower rate) were rarely turning out to be straightforward GFE time because most clients are never straight out GFE guys. The men who go to brothels are the ones who want that distant, plastic sex service where neither party get to know each other over time.

Those guys and I tend to skip each other. The CMQ guy who meets me is like ‘I’m your man; you’re my woman.’ We go deep. We go hard.

Rates Breakdown

No other high class escort that I know of has two luxury incall apartments, nestled amongst some of the most expensive real estate in the world. I provide sexy designer interiors and an epic PA to match, who is a super switched on concierge of cock.

Kitten will handle your sexy time beautifully. I also pay a truckload of tax. A sliding-down pay scale over consecutive hours doesn’t take any of that into consideration. My overheads and rent don’t go down on the 11th month.

For a while I got a little bit victiminy – my bad. Also, while I’m being honest, the old pricing was reflective of my throwback, irrational female thinking from another time in my life. That little people pleaser voice that says, ‘I am not going to be liked if I charge what I’m worth’ is annoying, dumbass shit that I have to nip in the bud. At this point in my life I have done a ton of work on myself, so now as soon as something feels wrong, I zoom in on my own flawed behaviour. Don’t bitch, don’t moan – take responsibility and find the solution.

There is no longer any price differential: every service on the menu is $1000 an hour across the board. I don’t want to split hairs, I just want to charge more. I give a lot and my erotic expertise is worth every penny. Whether they fly in on their own jet or save for six months to see me, my true clients know that. By the way, there is nothing more offensive or deflating to my stellar PA Kitten than a call from a potential client who is wealthy but a tight ass with money. Give me the grateful guy who saves like crazy and wouldn’t dream of negotiating every time.


GFE $800 for the first hour
X 2 hours = $1400

PSE was $1000 for the first hour – without anal of course.
X 2 hours = $1800


It’s just $1000 every hour regardless, whether its hour one or five.

Nice. Simple. Symmetrical.

Sliding scales were created for and by girls without any business sense, who often don’t stick around for long enough to care about an optimised long term plan. My faulty pricing wasn’t only incorrect, it was downright embarrassing – and not reflective of the service and standard I adhere to on every single booking.

I just fucked up, and now I’m rectifying that.

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