Sexwork Covid 19 Edition
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Sex work and global pandemics don’t go great together. When a highly infectious disease threatens the community – with mindblowing, fatal repercussions if it gets out of control – things are going to get a little batshit crazy. Welcome to Sexwork Covid 19 Edition

Anxiety is topping the charts, so yes, my #coronaboner hashtag has been an epic fail.

When the Covid-19 virus broke out I just froze from the get-go.

Covid-conservative behaviour covered everything that I have ever learned about being a sex worker due to industry exposure to NSW Occupational Health & Safety methods testing and practice.

What many civilians don’t realise is how well most sex workers stay on top of health and STDs, and did way before Covid.

We are already ahead of the game because of free non judgemental sex work focused healthcare environments that has been provided by our Federal and state government like Sydney’s Kirketon Road clinics.

The Quid pro quo is multiple choice questionnaires asking for your shenanigans stats “Were you in a 4-way/10-way/anyway?” “Were there any trannies?” “Who put what where?” “Did you suck pussy/penis/anus/face?” “Gangbang heroin sharing party?”

You end up silently screaming, ‘Just give me the blood test already. You’ll find out soon enough anyway!

Professional sexwork covid 19

Professional high level sex workers best practice standards include participating in all the checks and tests (while still providing their clientele with a hell of a lot of fun).

Ironically, I consider the rest of the population as the filthy, risky ones – the petri dish of possibilities in fact – because everyday people are nowhere near as encouraged as health conscious sex workers. You guys have to wait for a cruise ship to turn up with a shitload of infected senior citizens to freak out and get a clue!

That’s the way that I see you guys all the time – hence the health checks.

The biggest shift that CMQ has made professionally since the Covid Era is the selection process: I see no new people. For me, Covid is about as unsexy as it gets.

I need to communicate to anyone who will be potentially wandering through my online stuff that it’s not about being able to just book me anymore.

I know my people really well and sometimes have to say sorry but no, you are high risk – for example, a diehard footy fan who attended a recent game. At a time like this, if someone is just blindly turning up to big crowds

Another giveaway is when certain people walk into my home and don’t immediately wash their hands.

Really? You’re going to make me ask like a school teacher? (although some people would pay good money for that). And this is after I have heavily edited and culled my favorites contact list until I get to a tiny, sensible pool of smart people.

Everyone needs to take care of themselves; don’t just roll the dice. Essentially, Covid is spread by really dumb people – and I don’t have time to fix them.

The people who make out that they care but show that they don’t give a shit through their actions are actually low life humans without a fundamental depth of character.

Why wouldn’t you be paranoid, even on behalf of others if not for yourself? I am not here to entertain dickheads. An encounter with me is a genuine investment in the physical, I expect men to be hyper vigilant in their self assessment. I have the last say, however; think of it as border control.

Once I see that they are on board with Corona survival, all my services are still on the menu.

All the rates are the same but my availability is extraordinarily low, because I am spartanly spreading each engagement out across the calendar to allow time to check for symptoms including asymptomatic: there are no multiples on a single day or even during the week.

I’m doing my bit – I honestly don’t mind taking the hit on low volume so that I can conduct my business correctly. If we all adapt and stay mindful we will get along fine; we can party and rockstar it out with the breadth to play and do all sorts of things physically. Let’s just be smarter than the average Joe.

I am also a very civic minded person so I have created a very fair financial policy to reflect the times we are living in. You will still need to make a deposit to secure my time, but if you cancel on that day because they don’t feel well I totally get and respect that. I will return the funds in full – no sick note required. It’s that easy; there is no trickery. Nor is there any drama. There is no fuss required over, ‘Will Christine be disappointed?’

I actually find self care sexy as hell.

Self care is sexy…

I will actually think more of someone who is concerned for my safety and that of our elders etc. When I do get a chance to be of service, I will make a point of showing my gratitude. And you better believe appreciation from a Christine McQueen perspective makes you on the receiving end one lucky fucked fucker.

I would be so effen turned on and enamoured by anyone with the sheer common sense and zen patience to decide, I’m going to sit this one out – it’s just me and my hand tonight.

Bad Corona etiquette is just holding up the event! Walk in like Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker when he rocks up to his neighbour’s apartment with the ultimate crush and lays the hottest kiss on her.

It’s happening. The Corona Era version: walk in and ‘boom’, deal with the hand hygiene. Manfully declare, “I’m not touching you till I sanitise” as a bonus and I’m wetter by the minute.

I want to expand and transform all the old clichés that are thrust upon us like flowers’ or ‘handsome’ and make self care, resilience and mindfulness really hot instead. I am reengineering and re-jigging what really works for me in a man.

Another update: you and your lifestyle need to qualify because although I have been safely cocooning, getting Corona could be life or death for me.

Like anyone who is offering high level adult services, I don’t wish to suffer over a paid sexual engagement. I now have a fresh situation that qualifies as a pre-existing condition. Translation: if I get Coronavirus I’m in trouble!

The condition: I have a staphylococcus infection in my body that is settling around my implants.

If my doctor and I don’t get on top of this something called a biofilm will develop around them. Essentially, my immune system is so busy battling this that it will be unequipped to conquer another virus long term.

I am fighting back and battling to save my implants (you’re welcome) with strong antibiotic medication, so I am optimistic that this will turn the tables.

I have some time to experiment with different strains of antibiotics, but if I added a severe respiratory illness to my battling body, at this point it would have free rein to shoot through my system and create biological shitshow havoc.

The probability of me dying would be higher and I don’t like those odds. So that’s just the reality.

Healthy = sexy.
Vigilant = surgeon hand washing.
People on top of their game = my favourite.

I want people to choose a Corona-smart lifestyle, be able to look back on their last fortnight and think, ‘Fuck yeah, I’m making a booking with Christine.’

When first left to my own devices I isolated so heavily that I didn’t actually speak an audible word for six weeks. Apart from my implants drama, my Covid routine has been quite peaceful, aside from a staggering amount of paranoia.

I was not coping well with the initial lockdown: I became disconnected from human warmth, alcoholic beverages intake started to escalate and the sheer boredom kept me calling Jimmy Brings!

I got into my many hobbies, which I thought would get me through, but lost my connection to clients and friends and compromised my mental and physical health. This wasn’t intentional, it just rolled that way.

This rather alarming and unmistakable wakeup call has made me determined to not go down that direction again. I want to be strong, healthy and back on point with all my professional goals – and would very much like to see my guys, couples and people of interest. Forging that connection grounds me and bolsters my spirits and wellbeing. I really need my people.

During the Covid 19 period I have really reduced my exposure to crowds. I make a huge effort to dodge the peak hours in my building, such as the morning elevator run. I have seen recreations of what happens when someone sneezes in a supermarket aisle: with each cough you can literally see the air particles in slow-mo. So gross! There is no way I am going jogging in Centennial Park anytime soon. The joggers can fuck right off.

My covid 19 Bingeing schedule is right on track.

  • Netflix I was an early Tiger King adapter and introduced everyone in my circle before the ratings went ballistic. The Last dance about legendary Michael Jordan & The Bulls! Schitts Creek addictive & hilarious
  • Zeitgeist – Addendum, Zeitgeist – The Movie, Zeitgeist – Moving Forward spiritual elevation that explores how this all really works.
  • Adam Curtis who explores the world’s power structures, Mayfair, Bitter Lake & Pandora’s Box. That man!

That is 50 hours of viewing right there. Check back in for more…

Positive outcomes now that I have all this time on my hands chez moi
I am inspired to start making content that I can showcase across different media, such as Youtube.

I am creating a global CMQ platform that reaches beyond personal visits and really harnesses my own traffic.

I want to be able to pig out on my own analytics and not just give them away.

Essentially, my goal is to create stylish, entertaining information that educates the wider public about a female dominated business and breaks down my intimate knowledge of the sex industry that could only be known and shared by someone like me.

Personal erotic services vs. brothels in the Covid 19 age.

I think of brothels as psychologically disgusting at the best of times: a revolting revolving door workplace that is dehumanising and squashes the individuality of each woman working there. But in this current environment?

I don’t get why women would sign up for that shitshow when they have every resource available to them through apps and social media, whether working from home, on their own or with a girlfriend.

Why settle for a place where any old client can pass muster? It makes me physically sick to think that a sex worker would be lazy enough to deny herself the freedom to pick and choose who comes near her. Sometimes people self-sabotage out of sheer stupidity – which is very hard to fix, like being cheap.

If anything it’s a low level survival opportunity. My motto: have agency over your own destiny and keep control. It’s way sexier and way more fabulous.

On a final note, I am entering a whole new chapter of health and don’t drink. Please feel free to bring whatever you’d like to imbibe if you are in the mood – which is not my business. I just want to be released from that aspect of your visit. Bottoms up!

Thank you and stay sexwork covid 19 safe