The Name of the Game – the Truth behind GFE and PSE
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Here’s a little factoid that I think you should know about…

Fifteen years ago, in the Paleozoic Period before the internet, sex worker service description was pretty basic bitch, if it was provided at all. The client showed up and it all got worked out on the fly.

Around this time, I returned to Australia after some eye opening stints in the big cities of the world, and – yes, I’m calling it – single handedly launched two big, shiny, dazzling sex services that officially put the term PSE Porn Star Experience and GFE Girlfriend Experience on the map.

This terminology has become the industry norm. But just so you know dearies, it is mine. I broke it in. I developed it. I perfected it in this country. I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that when you release a great idea into the wild the industry will emulate the shit out of it. I have become a ninja expert in letting things go – but what I do not tolerate is seeing these specific service terms get bastardised by some providers. They say one, but only provide the other, and it’s a rip off.

These service terms conjure two different vibes and services – sometimes you want to cosy up with your loving girlfriend, sometimes you want to blow the lid off with some filth – but these groupings are also designed for accuracy. I went to the trouble to explain to those who come across my profile, ‘this is what you can get.’ These descriptions were never meant to lead to price gouging by cheap imitators. It was also a way for me to mentally and physically prepare for my day. Rather than have a client spring me with, “Do you do anal?” I would rather know in advance: the booking becomes more sexy and streamlined. It also suits clients who can get intimidated once they are in my presence. This way, they can pick and choose before the booking begins and lock that shit in.

In the chat forums I see fights break out between sex workers who ponder the origins of this. Some have clocked it, “No, it was Christine!”

Let me break it down.

In early 2010 I saw ‘GIrlfriend Experience’ online in New York, offered by local sex workers there. GFE originated near Vassar College, a female college on the East Coast. Some of the girls who worked and studied there got on the game; they were classy, smart, and well dressed. The word got out that they would meet you at a bar, were only interested in the right guys, and would charge the earth to let you fuck them. A girlfriend for the night.

One of the hallmarks of the GFE: I am prepared to do oral with no condom and kissing is allowed. Girlfriends have that degree of intimacy: they suck their guy off naturally and kiss affectionately, right? It’s that extra special service that goes beyond average, rote, bored, disconnected sex that can be common in the lower echelons of the industry. I offered it for $800 an hour, which included protected sex.

Personally I was all in. I love oral au naturel as I find condoms gross and they make me gag. I brought it back to Australia to give clients the option. I even asked my dad, who is a doctor, about the risks. He basically reassured me, “if that’s you catch STDs we’d all have them!”

Now to PSE. What would you do if you were locked up with a porn star in Vegas? This service encompasses rimming, tromboning, skull fucking, anal, all the nasty stuff! Hangover IV basically. Back in the day in Los Angeles, some porn stars did escort gigs on the side, that’s where the whole ‘ask me anything’ idea came from. Before it became normalised, PSE tended to attract high net worth individuals most; greedy bastards who want it all.

When I added PSE to my services here in Australia, it was a way to add niche sex and anal while creating a whole new industry standard. It immediately blew up online! Waves and waves of new girls have copied it. They have also imitated how I look, style my photos, and advertise. Originally, when I launched the Christine McQueen brand, I was inspired by the demise of print pin up magazines. There were all these amazing photographers and stylists who weren’t working anymore. I had a background in posing for men’s mags and wanted my ads to look like layouts. I never cut corners in any aspect of my life, so I aimed high and hired professionals. The result was glossy, glamour photography that was not only a personal triumph, but helped bring the business out of the shadows.

The look, feel, and terminology of everyone’s ads soon followed suit. Number One: you can all thank me very fucking much. Not many people acknowledge that I gave them a formula. It was me and no-one else.


I did have a good experience recently though, when I went to some dodgy industry event (my friends convinced me, I usually don’t go), and had sex workers waiting in line to tell me that I am their MILF inspo, and that defining terms and conditions has changed the game for them. They said, “Thanks for what you have done in this business, you’re my idol!” Some were even black, Asian, or trans, but still related to me and the way I lay down a system. Transparency is just better for everyone. I am happy to help. Although I am concerned that weak workers are charging a fortune for a PSE that includes no anal and no rimming. What the? Respect the market; respect the customer.

One reason that I launched advance service categories was because I didn’t want men paying for one service then trying to make my appointment more hardcore at the last minute, like I won’t notice! Dude, I’m the one rimming you. Trust me, I’ll notice. Ironically I myself have now evolved to a new place. I have weeded out the dickheads, and have the best customers in the country. Ironically, I have evolved to a place where I know instinctively what a client needs as soon as I see him. Now all my services are at a flat rate of $1000 an hour, across the board. I pay accurate tax on my money so it ain’t all mine anyway: I get half if I’m lucky! Whether anal is going to work for me is going to be based on cock size, shape, and chemistry. Just leave your crown jewels in the hands of a pro, I’ll take it from here…