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A new goddess joins the CMQ Family. My Webmistress. Sexiness meets efficiency.

Like any technological novice, I have had to rely on the IT skills of others to create a digital presence and run my business.

I’m a fast learner but, as my clientele can attest, I am too busy in the pleasure dome getting you and myself off to master IT.

My expertise is required elsewhere, so I outsource.

On my eternal quest to find my own personal Webmaster, I have had my run-ins with a variety of IT blokes.

As with any industry, IT has its fair share of fucktards, so imagine my surprise and delight when I crossed paths with an adult industry professional who is as brilliant at IT as she is sexy and savvy.

Her own experience as a sex worker, stellar work ethic and wizardry in the digital realm is the perfect storm. I have found my perfect IT person, and get to build my site with a fellow sex witch/former escort who gets what I do.

This lady is stroking my ambition even further, and helping me bring my business and creative vision to life. She also looks shit hot in a satin La Perla negligee when Friday night rolls around and we’re mixing martinis after a hard afternoon’s work on the keyboards.

I love hot. I love smart. I love easy to be around. My new IT department has it all.

Christine McQueen August 2020

Gentlemen, meet my new webmistress, Sarah…

Webmistress Sarah

Hello there. I have been a web nerd since I started coding when I was 12. I have a maths brain and am in my natural element with numbers and analytics – it’s how I see the world.

I did computer science at uni, back when there were not many IT girls around, so it was kind of shocking to people. Now it’s just kind of cool. IT is more than just a skill set though; it’s my happy place.

I have had a wild, colourful life in the adult industry. My first encounter was in London when I was twenty and a friend of mine called up a female escort who magically materialised. Seeing this stunning woman arrive was the coolest thing ever!

It introduced me to a whole world that this Aussie girl from a regular middle class background knew nothing about. We got to talking: she had an agency and needed help with her IT.

When I told her that this was totally my thing and I could get her agency site up and running, my entree into the world of sex work began.

Back then mainstream culture was a lot more judgemental. If a girl was dressed sluttily at a bar it would really stand out and people would refer to her as being ‘dressed like a prostitute’ – the ultimate insult.

I got blessed in the genetics department I guess but was never really comfortable with my looks because I was tall, smart and really stood out, so I was always getting teased. In sex work, however, standing out is an asset, so I became a totally different person; the positive feedback really helped build my confidence.

It’s pretty good for your ego when someone pays good money to spend time with you and tells you over and over that you look beautiful.


Being a sex worker in London was a privilege because it was not my only thing – it was a dirty little secret, not something I did because I needed to eat. Most people have a sob story: “someone talked me into it”, “I was in a bad situation and had no choice”.

I already had a career and made even more money as a programmer, so I just did what I wanted and had fun leading a double life.

In the sex industry looks are important, but in IT looking good is a liability and a bad idea.

I was a girl in a boy’s industry and in those days no-one took a pretty computer programmer seriously. Once in a meeting, everyone thought I was the secretary when I was actually the boss.

You could tell they were thinking, ‘Who did she fuck to get this job?’ I wore baggy suits, no makeup and a bun – then would glam up and look sexy for escort work.

I’m 5ft 9” with va va voom F cup curves, green eyes and long, blond hair halfway down my back – a nerd in the body of Jessica Rabbit. I worked as a sex worker in London, New York and Dubai, and lived in Thailand.

It was a full, adventurous life. I ended up running a global escort agency in London, New York and Sydney – the girls would travel internationally to service clients. I was the first one to work with Dubai clients.

Knowing how to make websites work ensured that everything ran smoothly like a proper business: my agency had a great reputation as one of the best in the world for really straight forward service.

I liked working with smart girls – many were part time sex workers doing degrees – and did it for over 15 years. But there was a lot of drama too. Some days you wanted to kill yourself! Some girl has gone missing and you would have to cancel two weeks of work.

People in the sex work niche can be quite unreliable and not everyone has a strong work ethic. Trust me, computers are way more reliable.

I can build whatever site you want – you just have to tell me.

Now I’m back in Oz and I love working with Christine because she knows what she wants and is very creative.

I enjoy the challenges she sets me. Christine creates amazing visuals; I make all the pretty pictures load properly and do the whizzy things. Site speed, code quality and adding SEO into the build is where I shine.

As a technical developer, my creativity is at the end.

I hope you enjoy spending time with Christine online as much as she and I enjoyed creating her digital presence together.

Some of the sexiest things happen in pairs…